Child Enrollment Application

  • Enrollment Form

  • Parent or Guardian Information

  • How did You Hear About Us?

  • Family Information

  • Personal History

  • Health

  • A health assessment and immunization record signed by the child's licensed health provider must be provided

  • Eating

  • Toilet Habits

  • Sleeping Habits

  • Social Relationships

  • Field Trip Permission Slip and Transportation Polices

  • * Seat Belts (children and adults.
    *No standing or yelling on vans (children and adults)
    *No eating or drinking on vans (May cause choking) (children and adults)
    *Always use our best manners on van and places we visit ( children and adults)
    *For many years we have had a reputation for having very well-behaved children when we visit places.
    We at Playmates feel that with our staff and parents working together, we will continue to have safe, fun, and wonderful trips. Thank you for being an involved parent.
  • Sunscreen Permission

  • Use of Insect Repellents Permission

  • Photograph, Audio, and Video Tape Permission

    I give Playmates Preschool & and Child Development Centers, Inc. permission to photograph, audio, or Videotape my child during special activities or for news stories and advertising purposes. I also authorize the videotaping of my child as part of a routine security procedure.
  • Enrollment Agreement

    I hereby enroll my child in Playmates Preschool & and Child Development Centers, Inc.for the days and hours listed above. I have met with center staff. They have explained all center policies including behavior management and reporting of abuse and neglect and provided me with a copy of those polices.


Playmates Childcare observes the following holidays and will be closed
on these days:

• New Year's Day
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• The day after Thanksgiving
• Christmas Day