Survey Blog for Employees

As part of the Playmates Staff Development session on February 29th 2016, all participants were asked to complete a short survey on a variety of issues that are important to all of us.


The Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) would like to thank you for your input and provide a quick update on the results of that survey. The first request was that everyone let us know which subcommittee or subcommittees would hold the most interest for you. The results were astounding! QIC has organized the list and began the process of determining the make-up of the committee. Each of you will be contacted to re-verify your interest once the subcommittees are formed.


Developing the Playmates Partnership Brochure will be the first subcommittee formed. Once the committee membership is determined, those of you that voiced your interest in this particular committee will be notified. If you chose another subcommittee and do not hear from QIC in the next month or so, do not be concerned. We WILL notify every employee who voiced an interest at some point in the next few months.


Another question on the survey dealt with the Playmates dress code. That initiative has also been turned over to the QIC and we are reviewing it thoroughly in an attempt to bring it closer to the 21st Century. More on that later.


The QIC and all members of the Playmates Leadership Team values the input of ALL employees. From time to time you will be asked to participate in surveys or projects and our promise to you that all such requests will include two-way communication between all participants.

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